Optimize your wordpress website:

Fast loading for better seo!

What is website optimization?

Some webmasters build websites without caring about SEO or page loading time.

It’s great, you may have a really nice-looking website! But if you have a slow website, your potential clients may go somewhere else. It can also impact your ranking on Google.

A good website should load quickly! Many factors come in: performant host, light and optimized theme, no useless plugins, optimized code (CSS and Javascript), and pictures.


Avoid cheap hosts if you want the best for your website!


Chose a light and well-coded theme.


Don’t install useless plugins or plugins with duplicate functions.


Optimize CSS, Javascript, and pictures.

Get a fast-loading website.

It will be beneficial for both your clients and your ranking on Google!

How I handle wordpress optimization for you.

This is always included in my prices when I build websites for my clients.
I want them to succeed and have the best website!


First, I analyze your website with tools like Google Page Speed and GTMetrix.

It will give me a performance score as well as an overview of what can be done.


Then, I check your wordpress website: installed theme and plugins, optimization already in place (if there is any).

Depending on your host, theme, and plugins you absolutely want to keep, there may be some limitations to what I can achieve.


I report every action needed to be taken to optimize your website.

Together and if necessary, we will make sure that every plugin is really useful.


Once everything is planned, I will give you my price.

It’s always depending on the time needed and the complexity of the service.


Once the quote is accepted, I get to work!

It may include: theme and plugins settings, réglages du thème, cleaning up the database, code and pictures optimization.


Finally, I make sure that everything looks like it should and I adjust some settings if needed.

When it works perfectly I check your website to get the new score and be able to have a before/after comparison.

What is included when Neossa designs your website?

You get a beautiful, modern and fast loading website with great SEO!

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Take advantage of my experience and knowledge!

You will get a beautiful and modern website that will fit your company’s values!

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When I build the pages, I always work on SEO for better ranking!

Once your website is done, I will even give you some good advice on SEO practices.

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Finally, your wordpress website is up and running but it’s not over! I work on optimization for better loading speed.

The goal is to get an amazing score on Google and GTMetrix.


Contact me for more info or to request a quote.

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