Why choose a freelancer to build your website?

5 reasons to choose a freelancer to design your website:

1. Flexibility
2. Budget
3. Reactivity
4. Quality
5. Multiple skills

For a few years now, more and more web designers become independents. It gives them more freedom and possibility when it comes to helping clients.
Many people still think that web agency will be more serious and professional than a freelancer when it comes to building webistes. However there are many pros to choose a freelancer to work on your project and I will tell you that in that article.


Asking a freelancer to build your website will give you more flexibility with its work but also the time and places of work. No matter what the activity of the freelancer is, he/she will generally give you complete services without counting the hours unlike some web agencies. Therefore he/she will be more available for your questions, inquiries and work on your project.

Communication is also easier with a freelancer because that is the only one you will speak with. No matter what day or time it is, he/she will reply to you really quickly because he/she is the one to manage is timetable. Often he/she will do the same for the tasks you ask him/her.

Working this way, the freelancer manages his/her work and can easily adapt to any situation and project.


Prices from feelancers are usually lower that web agency because costs are not the same. Therefore, they can build your website with better prices. Just be careful, because lower price doesn’t mean it will be quality work.

Most of the time, freelancers are transparents when it comes to prices for their services. They will give you the full price without hiding costs like some web agencies would do. It allows you to prepare your budget precisely for your website project.

A bad estimation can happen but you will always find a compromise with freelancers. Because finding solutions and adapt to every situation is their strong suit.


Freelancers have to be the most reactive possible towards his clients. That is something really appreciated from business and individuals that hire them. They are generally more organized and responding quickly to requests.

Being their own boss, freelancers will do their best to maintain the best relationship with their clients. This is a reason why they will do their best to give full satisfaction.


All web designers have their own style. They will bring personal touches to each and every given projects. Also they are passionate about what they do so you will surely have something that reflects what you were looking for. Or maybe something even better!

Giving full satisfaction to their clients will make sure they have a good reputation therefore will keep on getting new projects. It’s really important to them because there is a lot of competition for web designers. There are many of them in the market so they have to be professionals and give their best to their clients.

En donnant pleine satisfaction à ses clients, il s’assure une réputation irréprochable et une continuité dans l’acquisition de nouveaux projets. C’est très important pour lui, car la concurrence est forte sur le marché du graphisme et des sites internet. Un grand nombre de graphistes, webdesigners, développeurs, etc. sont disponibles. Il se doit donc d’être professionnel et de se démarquer de ses concurrents.

Multiple skills

Usually, except being experts in webdesign, freelancers have many skills to complement and help your project. For instance, Neossa can translate your content to French (if you have french clients), do some basic editing with photoshop, work with Search Engine Optimization, write content…

How to choose the perfect freelancer for your project?

As I said earlier, there is a lot of competition among freelancers but not all of them are experts as they might say.

First of all, I advise you to write a website specification (document that articulates the project’s goals, objectives and tactics). It should also outline deadlines, budget and functionalities required. This will help you find the best freelancer that will fit your needs. It will also give them a great idea of what you are looking for and therefore give your their best prices.

You can compare different packages or offers if you don’t really know what you are after. A great freelancer will help you and give you the best solution

Of course, you can also contact me so we can talk about your project and so I can give you my offer. It’s all up to you!

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