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Better ranking on Google

Thanks to SEO you will get more visitors thus more clients!

Wherever you are I can improve your website ranking or give you some advice if it’s not a language I speak.

The goal is for your website to be easily found on Google through keywords your customers use. They often are location and/or keywords from your field of activity.

Two technics to be on the first page

Website optimization : Improve your main pages ranking. First, I make your wordpress website faster to load and lighter. Then I optimize content using specific keywords.

Create optimized content regularly :
The point here is write about things related to your business in a blog. This makes your website alive (Google likes that) and you can also use new keywords all while helping your customers. This will help improve your ranking as well. For search engines, it’s really important to be visitors focused and give them the best online experience.

This is what I can do to help you out.

Website optimization

SEO is not part of the web design process.

Technical optimization

Google uses algorithms that are updated regularly. It tries to rank best the webistes that answer the users’ queries.

Because of that, we need to constantly analyze websites performance with Google tools. We also have to be aware of Google updates and what it changes in terms of SEO.

On the technical side, the website needs light coding, fast loading and to be 100% responsive.

Content optimization

Content needs the following: texts, titles, images and links.
It has to be easy to read for both your visitors and Google. Then content then need to be perfectly related to the title as well as original.

On each page the content must optimized around precise keywords. It can be about locations, activity, products, etc.

In short, to rank better you have to be relevant!

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Optimized content regularly added on your website

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Why add new content?

There are two reasons that support the idea of writing new content : keep ranking on google fist page and optimize new keywords.

Maintain good ranking:
Ranking on search engines is something you have to care for. In fact, you could lose your spot on the first Google page if don’t keep your website alive with new and interesting content. If Google thinks that other websites are more relevant and more optimized you could then be de-ranked.

New keywords :
Adding new blog posts or pages are opportunities to use new keywords. Beyond that, your visitors may find your content useful and interesting thus bringing you more visitors and sales.

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